Thursday, April 3, 2008

yum shostakovich

Tonight I heard my immensely talented roommate play a recital with her immensely talented piano trio, and I loved it! They played Dumky & Shostakovich. It was great! I got goosebumps :) I was also proud of my friend Ginni who shone on her oboe recital. She sounds great on her new rosewood Loree. Speaking of people to be proud of, Tim got a job in the SFS (!) and I think Will got a job in St. Louis, both principal positions. Greg just got into New World. I feel like such a slouch compared to all these successful young people!

I'm trying to gear up for a concert tomorrow, in spite of an ear infection, and an audition on Friday morning which I am seriously considering chickening out of. But I agreed to give someone a ride, so I feel obligated to do it. Oh well, maybe if I just don't care about it, it well go better. Just wish I had more time to prepare. And now I am starting to freak out about my recital. Program: Vivaldi, D minor concerto; Dorati, Cinq Pieces; Jolas, Remember; Poulenc oboe sonata, and the Loeffler trio (oboe viola piano). I'm excited, but I need to practice A LOT before April 24!!!!!!! And the reeds, urgh. Plus I'm playing Symphonie Fantastique (2nd/EH) somewhere in between. Also pretty exciting, but again, the reeds. I really hope my ear infection goes away soon. Argh. Time for bed so I can get rid of this thing.

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