Sunday, April 6, 2008

escondido falls, malibu

So here are some pictures of a hike I went on in Malibu over spring break, to Escondido Falls. Jenny took some great pictures with her super-cool camera.

Here it is, the hidden waterfall:

Here are some salamanders that were in the pool at the foot of the falls: (we saw 5 or 6 different salamanders!)

We met a gopher (at least, I think he was a gopher) along our path. He was putting in a new addition to his tunnel.

And here is one of the few frogs we actually saw, though we heard lots. Apparently, it was frog mating season at Escondido Falls. Jenny took a picture but I'll spare you and keep my blog G-rated. Anyway, here is one cute, innocent, single froggy.


Unknown said...

Wow! Fantastic photos. The first one reminds me of Hawaii.

qwerty said...

I love going to the waterfall there!!! I usually go by horse tho lol

geri ulrey said...

My boyfriend and I saw FIVE of these salamanders too! (On monday.) We think they are the California Newt. Do you have any thoughts on what type you saw.

Gabrielle said...

not sure what kind of salamander/newt they are. i used to have a book about salamanders as a kid, but i don't know where it went.