Friday, January 25, 2008

rainy roman carnival

I am enjoying a rainy morning at home, knowing that I don't have to be anywhere til 7 tonight. Last night I played 2nd oboe/English horn on Roman Carnival and Brahms 2nd piano concerto, so I feel entitled relax a little. Well, in addition, it was with Andre Watts and it was USC's "Presidential" series, and it was a live radio broadcast, so you might understand why I was a little tense. Andre Watts was amazing. A very powerful pianist, and the Brahms seemed to really suit him. Liz, our principal cellist, played the cello solo gorgeously, as well, and Brooke nailed the opening horn solo. And Kim played the oboe solos so beautifully! I was proud of her. The English horn solo went pretty well, I was happy with it for the most part. But since it was the first time I've played it before, I was very concerned with playing it RIGHT, and matching up with the strings even though I couldn't hear them very precisely. I wish it had flowed better, and that the last F# had a better attack. But all in all it was fine. And my parents were happy because they listened to a webstream of KUSC and heard the concert, and they announced my name, which of course my dad loved.

After the concert we were able to attend the president's reception, and they had beautiful desserts and delicious hot chocolate. So it made up for Wednesday night's rehearsal when LA was FREAKING OUT about the rain so it took me a HOUR AND A HALF to get to school when it normally takes me 20 minutes, and in rush hour traffic 45. So even though I left my house SUPER early I was still 10 minutes late to the rehearsal and it was POURING RAIN (wtf!!! this is LA!!!) and even though I had a raincoat and umbrella I was SOAKING WET from the knees down. Sitting through a three-hour rehearsal with wet feet isn't wonderful. Anyway, I was really embarrassed to be late to rehearsal, because I'm not that person.

Oh, and did I mention I am now taking viola? I have an extra credit to use, so that's what I'm doing with it. First lesson will be on Tuesday. I already have my instrument from school, and it's not bad. It even came with a shoulder rest. But no rosin, so I need to get some. I'm excited :)

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