Sunday, January 13, 2008


So, I am back in LA, and Friday my hard drive crashed :( :( :( Fortunately I was able to take it to the Mac store and have a brand new hard drive installed the next day. Unfortunately, I lost all the data that was on it. Fortunately, I have most of it backed up, since I backed up my hard drive about six months ago. Unfortunately, I do not have anything from the past six months backed up. Fortunately, everything was for free. Now I am just refilling my iTunes library, and it's taking a little bit. Plus I lost all my bookmarks for Firefox, since I had to start over with my computer.

Meanwhile January is looking rather intense for me. I have three concerts for three different organizations in the last two weeks of the month. I'm excited about the music, but will I have REEDS??? Most concerning since it is a big mix of oboe and English horn. I finally got a gouger, though, and that should help, at least for the oboe reeds. It's from Innoledy, and to my surprise it arrived in a container with a pattern on it that much resembles Burberry plaid . . . I was most certainly expecting plain silver, not a designer gouger! It's a really cool machine, and quite easy to use. First rehearsal yesterday for (English horn on) Vaughn Williams "London" Symphony didn't go as well as I would have liked. It would be nice if I could actually play in tune. I probably shouldn't have used such an old reed, but it was the most comfortable, so I did. Oh well, hopefully I'll have it ironed out by next rehearsal.

The other stress, of course, is summer music festival tapes and auditions. I hate making tapes.

Well, my iTunes library has for the most part been reconstituted, but alas none of my playlists were recreated, so it's all just one massive lump of songs. And some of the music I added for recent auditions is gone. My wonderful CSO audition playlist is gone :( Oh well. Better get back to adding documents.

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