Tuesday, January 29, 2008

always more

Well, I thought I was finally done with my run of concerts and constant rehearsals, so that I might actually have some time to practice for summer festival auditions, and even make a tape or two. But alas, I am in rotation at school again, a last-minute change. I will just have to do my best to squeeze in enough practice time and I have no idea about the tape(s). I just know I really need to do SOMETHING musical this summer, and not in LA. Why are they ALL in late January / early February? I mean, I know the lists are posted way early and that I could technically mail the tapes in before Jan 1, but honestly, who has the time during the holidays? First you're overloaded with Christmas gigs, juries, and finals, then school is closed and 1000 miles away so there's no good place to record anway, then you're doing last-minute shopping, and cooking, and traveling, and people want to see you and you might not get to see them again in a long time, so WHO HAS TIME TO MAKE SUMMER FESTIVAL TAPES???????

Oh well. I had my first viola lesson today! It was great fun. I'm struggling with alto clef, because I still have to translate it in my brain from treble clef rather than just read it straight, but I'm hoping to make flash cards to really learn it well and associate it with a place/feel/sound on the viola. It's an awkward instrument for me. And being a small person, the viola I got from school is of course on the large side (I didn't get to choose it). So it's a real struggle to play with my 4th finger in tune. And to extend my bow arm completely. But I'll work on it. It will distract me from reeds. Speaking of reeds, better get to work. Or maybe I'll take out my viola instead . . .

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