Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Paris, Part 1

I went on a trip to Paris in September, and I meant to blog about it as a sort of trip diary, but I never got a chance when I came back.  Now I finally have a moment or two to myself, I thought I'd try and recollect my experience. 

I had originally been going to do some sort of multi-city tour of Europe with a friend of mine, but she bailed on me, so I had to rethink my trip.  I decided it would be best that if I were on my own, I would stay in one city and visit someplace that I could stay with a friend.  Fortunately, my friend Dawn was living in Paris at the time, and she graciously agreed to host me.

My trip started off delayed, as for some unknown reason, Air France cancelled my flight and moved it to the following evening.  Therefore I lost a day in Paris, but that's life.  They also gave me a small rebate.  The flight was pretty smooth, and met a handsome, nice, young French man, Geoffroy, on the plane!  Off to a good start. 

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