Monday, February 16, 2009

here's looking at you, kid

For Valentine's, I went to Casablanca with a group of friends, and loved seeing it in a theater! Also, when we were on our way into the theater, we saw Madeleine Stowe with her family on their way out. It was an odd sensation for me, because when she went out she kind of looked at me and smiled, and I had this feeling like, "Do I know this person?" It took me a second to realize that no, I do not know her, but I have seen The Last of the Mohicans so many times that her face has become as familiar to me as that of someone I actually do know. Anyway, I am so glad I got to see Casablanca!! Next time I see it, I think we should do a drinking game--drinks for the following:
•anytime they play or say "As Time Goes By"
•whenever Bogey says "Here's looking at you, kid."
•when someone in the movie has a drink (wait, then maybe we would all pass out by the end of the movie . . . nevermind)
•whenever Ingrid gets a soft-focus close-up with slightly teary eyes
•for "Major Strasser has been shot. Round up the usual suspects!" and "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." to finish things off.
•I'm open to further suggestions!


G.Davis said...

Hahaha... that's awesome. You should try a drinking game with "Now, Voyager." Every time Bette Davis or Paul Henreid lights up a cigarette, you take a shot. That should do it.

I love Casablanca! Easily in my top three movies of all time. Lucky being in LA for all of these great movie (and star-watching) opportunities.

Gabrielle said...

Heh, Now Voyager is a good one. I must admit, LA's movie-centric culture can be really fun sometimes.