Friday, February 6, 2009

cover letters

I am considering taking an audition for which they ask for a cover letter in addition to a resume in order to apply. While I have heard of orchestras asking for this before, I've never taken an audition that has asked for a cover letter, so I was asking friends' advice on what to say. My friend Tim's suggestion:

"I would like to play in your orchestra because I need money. I am the greatest English hornist on the planet. You would be stupid not to choose me for this position. Also, I'm dead sexy."

This made me laugh, so I thought I'd share. Somehow I don't think that my cover letter will include any part of that suggestion.

1 comment:

Patty said...

I love it!

Of course you could just do this:

This is a cover letter. It covers my resume, which you will find directly beneath it. :-)

Have fun with the letter. Or not.