Thursday, May 8, 2008


I had my last lesson with Allan yesterday, though I'll see him in Sarasota in June. I only have one final left next week and I'm done. It feels SOOOOOOOO strange. I have literally been in school my WHOLE LIFE, and everything has pretty much revolved around it. I have nothing organizing my life beyond Sarasota. My future is BLANK. Which is kind of cool, and also very scary. I need to find some sort of part-time job for next year, and to try and make connections to get gigs, which I find difficult to do. I'm really uncomfortable networking. I'd also love to get more students, but not sure how to do that, either. But for now, I will relax with friends, celebrate, graduate, and practice the Prokofiev quintet. Maybe I'll even make some reeds, who knows?

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