Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar fun

I watched the 80th Academy Awards today! Fun times. I like Jon Stewart. I was really glad No Country for Old Men won. I love DDL, but I saw both Eastern Promises (an excellent movie!) and There Will Be Blood (a good movie, but not my taste), and I honestly preferred Viggo Mortensen's performance. But whatevs. And I think Amy Ryan was really awesome in Gone Baby Gone, but I didn't see Michael Clayton, so I can't judge her against Tilda Swinton (she kind of looks like she's from outer space, no?). Owen Wilson was not his usual happy-go-lucky, silly self, and that made me sad. I was glad "Falling Slowly" won for the song, and I think that Glen Hansard is kind of a jerk (there's lots more people to thank, but you know who you are, so I don't need to say your names?? when else are you going to recognize someone's help to your big win but at the AWARDS show?? among other reasons), so I found it amusing that Jon Stewart called him arrogant. I'm glad he brought Marketa Irglova back to say her thanks. She's born in 1988? She's only 19?? Yikes. Hmm that would also make Glen 18 years older? Is that right? I'm bad at math. Anyway. Lots of pretty people and gorgeous dresses. Kind of funny to think that I watched on TV only about a mile from the actual event.

There always seem to be lots of articles about how ridiculous the Oscars are and that they don't actually reward the best movies. Well, it's Hollywood! What do you want? Just enjoy the show, that's what I do. And a lot of those recognized are really excellent movies, performances, achievements, etc.

I also decided that I wish I could be a cinematographer, though it sort of seems like the kind of thing you either have a talent for or don't, rather than something you can really learn. I mean you can learn how to do it and the theory behind it, I'm sure, but when it comes down to it, you really need to just have an eye for it. Anyway, I love my one foray into total pop culture for the year :)

PS I was glad Dario Marianelli won for best score for Atonement. It was a good score, and I've liked his work before.

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