Tuesday, December 4, 2007

no more papers (/school), please!

I finally finished my horrible paper today for my Stravinsky class. I have never really enjoyed writing papers, but there have been times when I've actually been quite interested in my topic, and thus the writing process was not so excruciating. There have also been times in the past when I would have been intrigued by the idea of writing a paper on Stravinsky. After almost twenty straight years in school, two degrees and very close to a third, this is no longer the case. I wrote a really bad paper, but at least I turned something in. It's the only paper I've had this semester, and considering I used to have to write them on an almost weekly basis, I don't know why I've suddenly developed such intolerance, but I have. Anyway, hopefully I will only have one more paper two write ever in my life, next semester, before bidding academics adieu forever. At least that's how I feel right now. While the prospect of graduating, getting a job at Starbucks or equivalent, and taking auditions doesn't sound thrilling, staying in school is simply no longer an option for my sanity. Anyway, there are just a few things to do now before I go home for Christmas. Maybe I'll actually be able to see a few friends, go shopping, finish The Rest Is Noise. Oh yeah. And work on reeds. Not now though. I am in dire need of some sleep. Goodnight.


Blake said...

As a loyal wage slave of the evil corporation, I thought that I ought to point out that Starbucks is spelled that way, no apostrophe.

Gabrielle said...

OK, i fixed it, just for you, blake.