Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Got the DVD made, thanks to a wonderfully helpful employee of the Leavey Library at USC whose name I never got. It was complicated and took two hours, but I finally got my 6-minute recording done. What a lot to put up with for such a small DVD.

First semester is over, THANK GOD. Just one left, and only on academic class at that!!

Meanwhile, I'm transferring my recital (back in May) from MD to CD. I am amused to hear my friends' voices at the end of the first half all debating how to turn off the MD player. How many musicians does it take to operate a MiniDisc? Lets see, I heard Kim, Jamie, Carla, Ben, Shirley and Ginni. That would be six :) The recording, well, the recital had its ups and downs. But it will make an excellent Christmas gift for parental types.

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