Sunday, October 14, 2007

driving woes

So I found out today that there was a massive accident on the route that I usually take to get to my teacher's house for lessons. It made national news, actually. You can read about it here (NYTimes), or here (LATimes), or here (AP/NPR). It sounds horrible, and it scares me to think that something so terrible happened on a route that I travel so regularly. I am so tired of driving in LA. This week alone I have been to Altadena, Santa Clarita, and Orange County, plus closer trips to USC and LAX. I need a break from driving. Fortunately, I'll get one soon.


Cellomar said...


Hi, I saw your comment to someone else's blog about sheet music for Gabriel's oboe for string quartet and oboe. I've been trying to find that for my own quartet. Could you tell me where to order it from. please?

Thank you!

Gabrielle said...

hi there! i ordered it at Trevco,

Cellomar said...

Thank you so much! I've never heard of Trevco, but I ordered the music.