Thursday, July 12, 2007

i must be hungry, this post mentions food a lot

Well, I'm back! Stephanie's wedding was lovely (omg I can't believe my friends are starting to get married eeeek). I so enjoyed being back in both Evanston and Chicago and seeing a few old friends, it was delicious. As was the Chicago-style pizza at Giordano's :) And the Unicorn at the Unicorn (coffee, chocolate, and ice cream--you can't go wrong with that combo!). It was great to be able to walk, which I did, a lot. People look at you funny if you walk in LA, and the city isn't laid out for it. Plus I didn't have to drive for a whole week, yay! I did spend 12 hours in the car Chicago to Columbus and back, but I didn't have to drive (thanks, Michelle). Too bad I missed any Ravinia concerts. It was a bit hot, but what's summer without a good heat wave? Plus it rained, and since I have't seen rain in months (since I went to Houston), I was actually happy to get caught in a rainstorm!

Back in LA, my next adventure will be my first trip to the Hollywood Bowl tonight for an English horn extravaganza: Roman Carnival, Ravel Piano Concerto, and Pines of Rome all on one concert (yikes!!!) And I'm going to enjoy being back in LA by eating sushi. Now I just have to try and focus for a few weeks before I leave for JAPAN (where I can get even BETTER sushi)!

Meanwhile, here is a turtle in the marina on Lake Michigan:

Isn't he cute?


Jason Heath said...

Wow--you like all of my haunts! I can't tell you how many hours I've spent at the Unicorn and at Giordano's, although I live in north Evanston now and am often too lazy to walk 'all the way' to downtown Evanston.

Gabrielle said...

Heh, I was dying to go back to both those places! You've got Kim's Kitchen on Noyes up north, though.