Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Brandenburg 6

Well, the eggplant parmesan is in the oven, so I can relax for a few minutes. I would like to point out Shake It and Bake It's YouTube find, Goshu the Cellist. I found it quite charming, although Goshu's laugh is a little freaky.

A totally random realization: in the car the other day, I heard Bach's Brandenburg 6. The announcer mentioned it's the only one without violins. I never realized this before. If I'd known that, I could have gotten that question on that stupid USC history placement exam about it (I got that wrong TWICE, but now they've scrapped the test, so thankfully it doesn't matter). I also realized it's what Minnesota Public Radio's theme is from. I don't know why, but I thought all of that was very interesting. I wonder if it's every violist's favorite Brandenburg?

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