Saturday, June 23, 2007

salamanders, frogs, deer, pelicans, celebrities, oh my!

I've had a wonderful day. This morning I went on a hike with Jenny, to a waterfall in Topanga State Park near the Pacific Palisades, very close to where one of my students lives, actually. And it was very pretty! Plus, we saw a large salamander or newt in the stream, a very cute little gray frog, and a doe with two fawns! Then we headed to the beach, where we enjoyed some sun (a little too much . . . my back is totally burnt because I refused to put sunblock on because I hate it), played frisbee, waded in the water, and watched pelicans dive for and eat fish.

After cleaning up and changing, we headed to the Peet's coffee shop on Montana Ave (close to where my other student lives) for some much-needed caffeine. While waiting for our coffee, we saw Marcia Cross, of Desperate Housewives fame, complete with husband and twin baby girls (adorable)! When they left, we even saw paparazzi take their picture. Minutes later, as we were enjoying our coffee, we saw Luke Wilson stop in. I've been in LA for almost a year now and haven't seen any celebrities that I've recognized until today, when I see two in a row! Now I feel like I really live here :)

So then we went grocery shopping and prepared two new recipes from some cookbooks I haven't had the time to investigate in a while. We had snapper in a coconut lime sauce, and cauliflower with garlic breadcrumbs. Delicious, I'm proud of us. And we watched a really good movie, Water. So it was a lovely, oboe- and reed-free day. I should add that we both had lessons yesterday, and that they went well (NO MORE BARRET for me!!!!!), so we were feeling like we needed to enjoy the summer.

So tomorrow I will be sore and sunburnt, but satisfied.

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