Tuesday, March 13, 2007

back in the city of angels

Well, I'm back from Buffalo. It was kind of an ordeal, and I'm really glad to be back. Actually, I'm definitely glad to be back in sunny LA, with the beach just under three miles down the road. I've been missing Chicago, but the patches of dirty snow and nasty mudpuddles reminded me why Chicago (and Buffalo) are not the nicest locations on the earth in March. I would have liked to have played better, it's true, but I learned a lot, and this is just the beginning of my auditioning. I'm sure I'll improve. It's weird bumping into people there, I'm not sure I'll get used to that. But I'll try. And I really need to figure out how to adjust reeds to different climates. urgh.

The trip wasn't so bad, but with the coast-to-coast time changes and the early demise of daylight savings, my body clock was so confused it didn't know what hit it, and it still doesn't. I accidentally stole a bottle of water from a cafe in the Buffalo airport this morning--I put it in my bag, without thinking about it, and when I went to pay for my smoothie I forgot about the water. But the smoothie was really gross (I think it was just strawberry syrup and ice or something), and I threw it out. So basically I paid $4 for that bottle of water.

I bought two books in the airport. The first I bought in Baltimore on the way there, Kurt Vonnegut's latest, A Man Without a Country. It was a quick read, but true Vonnegut. But I finished it too quickly and had nothing to read on the flight from Buffalo to Las Vegas (they have noisy slot machines in the airport there. I've been through Vegas twice now, and neither brief taste left me with a desire for more). So I bought a book in Vegas, Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake. I'd read her first collection of short stories and enjoyed them, so I thought this would be a safe bet. But of course it's only about an hour from Vegas to LA, so I haven't gotten very far. I'll let you know. Maybe I'll see the movie.

Speaking of movies, I have one to watch, so that's what I will do now. Goodnight.

PS Thank you Shirley for the magazine and the chocolate--it helped a lot!!

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shirleymirley said...

Congratulations on getting through the audition! And I'm glad you liked the chocolate and the magazine! Who needs beta blockers when you can read trashy literature and eat sweet buttery cacao?