Saturday, November 29, 2014

California Driving

An itinerant oboist's journeys:


Anonymous said...

I hope you have found a better way to make a living...I notice you haven't posted for some time. Fortunately I have been very lucky to make a living as a musician. But as we get older, we need retirement funds and some stability. The photo of your case is heartbreaking, as it is clearly a very old instrument -- which isn't a great thing of oboists. I sincerely hope you've found a new path, and can still play here and there if you like.

Gabrielle said...

For a long time I did not publish this comment, as frankly I found it rude and condescending. FYI the oboe in picture is some sort of stock photo the editors at Zocalo found, not my own (very well-maintained) instrument. I appreciate your concern, but I am also not some sort of pathetic specimen deserving your pity. Life as a musician is not easy, and although I still don't know if I will continue in this path forever, for now I am proud to be making a living in this difficult career in a city like LA. I have a Roth IRA, thank you very much, and I'm making an effort to post a little more frequently.