Monday, April 5, 2010

more cons.


I was in Cerritos, about 30 miles southeast of where I live, rehearsing for an Easter gig when it struck yesterday. I felt like I was drunk or dizzy, and it lasted a while. Did not make me happy. Makes me more anxious to leave this place. Some people are like, whatever it's just a quake. Me, I'm like whoaaaaa this is not cool the earth is not supposed to move beneath your feet. The other day one also woke me up out of bed at 4 am and the first thing I thought was OH NO IT'S GONNA BE THE BIG ONE but of course it wasn't. I went to Target the next day and put together an emergency kit anyway.

Also, can I just say that I put at least 120 miles on my car this weekend?


Patty said...

I missed it entirely ... but I'm guessing we were on the road then. (What time was it?)

The traffic down in your neck of the woods would send me away VERY quickly. I much prefer the Bay Area. I know we have traffic, but it's nowhere near what you all have to deal with. Yikes!

Gabrielle said...

I think it was around 3:30 or 4. Yeah, traffic is another big con. I'm OK if I can avoid driving at certain times of the day or in certain areas, but if I have gigs for which I need to drive distances for, it can be really bad. I have developed really awful road rage and an aggressive driving style (out of necessity) which can be hard to turn off.

Patty said...

We were definitely on the road then.

I don't mind most earthquakes, but of course I was here when the bigger one hit and it was NOT fun. (We had no real damage, thankfully.)

Traffic is something I have very little patience for. I live about 7 minutes from the hall where I do the majority of my work. I LOVE it!

The Bay Area does have traffic, but nothing can compete with what you have there.