Thursday, February 4, 2010

lots of music

Whew, today is the first free day I've had in quite some time, so I slept in and am slowly enjoying some coffee. Still have lots of errands to do, though. And practicing, of course. This weekend was nuts: on Sunday, I played Act II of Tristan & Isolde with Debut at 4 pm, and Daphnis & Chloe and Bolero with AYS at 7pm. Principal on Tristan, English horn on Daphnis & Bolero. It actually went pretty well--Daphnis was a lot of fun once I stopped freaking out about all the notes and just played. I wonder why it is a clarinet excerpt but not an oboe one. We have the same material.

This weekend I am playing John Adams' Chamber Symphony (eek! so hard! makes Daphnis seem like cake), 3 songs by Radiohead, and Bach Brandenburg #3 arranged for this really cool new group, WildUp. Also on the program (but sadly, no oboe): Stravinsky's Dumbarton Oaks and Hein's Orlando, He Dead. It's great music and I am so impressed by my colleagues who are playing with me, they are all great musicians. It's at a really cool venue (you can sit and have a drink while you listen to us), and it should be a great show! Not your typical "classical" event. I hope lots of people come!

Oh yeah. And I'm also running a half marathon on Sunday. Gulp.

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