Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm still here! Been busy--recital on Saturday. Went well. I am so proud of my friends who joined me for the Prokofiev Quintet--for three of them it was the first time playing it, and we did it in two days!

I thought I would share this cartoon. I agree. Flying doesn't scare me so much as the airport itself: security rules and lines, making sure your bag is under 50 lbs, separating your liquids, taking off your shoes, taking the laptop out of its bag, making sure you took your screwdriver and all your reedmaking tools out of your oboe bag and checked them, having to pay lots of $$$ for crappy airport food, waiting, having flights delayed, being delayed in lines, etc etc etc are WAY scarier than the actual flying part. I guess I am already getting anxious about holiday travel.

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