Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, it's finally raining, and I always feel like writing when it rains. I haven't really said much recently, I guess. I've been relatively satisfied with teaching lately. I love it when kids "get" whatever it is you've been trying to teach them. Though I find teaching, and all the driving associated with it, exhausting. I wish I had more gigs, and it's frustrating sometimes when you see everyone else getting gigs, and you wonder, why am I not being called for that? But then, every gig you get, they're probably thinking the same thing. Freelancing is interesting that way, I guess.

It's still such a weird time for me; I feel like this is a limbo year, but that next year might not necessarily be much different. I wish I had more energy sometimes, or more diligence. I worry about the economy, though I guess no matter what your profession you're probably worrying about the economy these days. One thing about not being in school, it's a bit isolating, especially in LA, where you're so spread out in the first place. I don't really meet people, and most of the people I interact with during the day are either under 16 or over 40. So socializing can feel both like something I'm desperate to do, and also like something I have to really struggle to accomplish: to call people up and organize a get-together, and then go actually drive there and battle traffic, knowing you will also have to drive home again. Anyway, things are pretty good, but I'm feeling restless.

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