Tuesday, September 16, 2008

classical music babes

I wonder if any of these people actually know that they are featured here (found through Inside the Classics). I am not sure whether I should be happy that some guys think classical "babes" are hot or outraged that these "babes" are being objectified in this way. Also, I wonder how many Playboy readers would actually be interested in this, or what they voted on (their pretty faces? the little blurbs about them?) since the pictures don't show what Playboy pictures usually do, lol. And for that matter, how they chose them, since these ladies are all indeed "babes," but there are plenty more out there.


me said...

Hmmm. Thanks for the link.

While I haven't read Playboy with any regularity since I was too young to buy it, I am a straight guy who also happens to be a bit of a musician so I feel I can answer with a bit of authority and authenticity . . .

I know enough about the musicians that I actually chose based on what I knew about them already. And without looking at who was on the list, I would have said Anna Netrebko in a heart beat. Incredibly beautiful woman -- period. Add to it that she has that magnificent voice and that she sings so well without having to contort her face to do so -- as my wife the soprano says, "It's just not fair." And unlike many opera singers, she can actually act on stage too. As impressive as she is on DVD (for any men reading this, go rent her "Traviata"), my wife and I were absolutely blown away when we say her in "Manon" at LA Opera. She is the real deal. So definitely, absolutely, Anna Netrebko.

That said, I actually think they picked a relatively bad picture of Anna for that survey. They could have found a more attractive picture of Leila Josefowicz too, especially considering some of the PR photos she has taken in her life. On the other hand, thought Julia Fischer's and Jennifer Frautschi's were particularly flattering.

Biggest surprise to appear on the list: Hillary Hahn. Unlike most of the other female violin soloist of her generation, Ms. Hahn has seemingly always taken relatively conservative PR photos.

Second biggest surprise: Ariana Ghez. First, I'm somewhat shocked that Playboy decided to include an orchestra player. Second, while she plays a mean oboe and is an attractive woman, Ms. Ghez doesn't exactly exude "sexy." I mean, from my seat in Disney Hall, there are a few women in the LA Phil who actually show a little (just a little) skin on stage, and Ariana isn't one of them. I wonder, just as you did in your post, if she even knows she is on this list – and if she does, how much ribbing she is getting from her LA Phil colleagues.

Anyways . . . there you go. You asked.

Gabrielle said...

Wow, that was actually a very thoughtful response to a rather silly blog entry--thank you :) I, too, would have assumed that Anna Netrebko would be at the top of the list, not least because somehow being a diva seems more sexy than being a violin solist, and CERTAINLY more sexy than being an oboist! Anyway, thanks again for your perspective!

me said...
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me said...

You're welcome :-)

Just to add one more name (and a different type of instrument) to the list, they could/should have included trumpeter Alison Balsom. She was awesome at Disney Hall earlier this year.

Anyway, from one Trojan to another, good luck on all the auditions