Saturday, May 26, 2007


While I have more that I'd like to write about in my blog about lots of things that I still need process through my mind, I will wait a little longer for that. For now, I would like to mention that I attended a wonderful performance last night of my roommate's new music group, pLAy. Actually, it was their first public performance. pLAy consists of six musicians, who play violin/viola, cello/gamba, flutes oboes and clarinets of all shapes and sizes, and piano/percussion. They commissioned several of their composer friends and colleagues to write music for their group, and they are giving three performances this weekend in LA. The first was yesterday, at the lovely home of Alan Goldman. They placed seven pieces in a very intimate environment (basically Mr. Goldman's living room), while the audience enjoyed wine and delicious cookies. I was happy to notice that a young (nine or ten, maybe?) student of the pianist in the group came with her family, including adorable little sister, and they seemed comfortable, able to get up when the littlest one got squirmy, and to walk over get a better view of the keyboard. There should be more opportunities for this type of performance, where the music is still taken seriously without making the audience feel constricted. Kudos to Mr. Goldman, who allows several of these types of performances a year in his home.

I really enjoyed the performance and the music. I truly respect my friends for their dedication in creating new opportunities in classical music. They played another performance at CalArts today, and there is a final performance at a contemporary art museum tomorrrow at 4 pm (after which is Debut's Shostakovich 10 in Disney Hall at 7 . . . )

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shirleymirley said...

Thanks for the write-up, roomie! I'm glad you enjoyed the show. We had fun that night, and I hope to catch your suave English Horn playing another time! DSCH forever, baby!