Saturday, February 3, 2007


I found out that, unfortunately, I have yet another person to add to my mourning list. Molly Ivins, the liberal Texan newspaper columnist. She died of breast cancer. I didn't read her columns regularly, but I had read a few and enjoyed them, and I'd heard her on Prairie Home Companion once. And I felt a sort of affinity to her because she went to St. John's and was on the school paper there, the same as me. And she was from the same, very red, very oily zip code, so now I can point her out if people give me guff about that :) Along with my other Texas dems that I mention (Babara Jordon, Lyndon B Johnson, Ann Richards, Sheila Jackson Lee, etc).

I myself have been a little psycho lately. Having three friends visit in three weeks was great fun, but now there's a ton of catching up to do. So if I've been rude lately, it's because I've been very stressed, and although I'm not sure that will actually get much better anytime soon, I hope that I at least can keep up with everything with fewer distractions.

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