Monday, December 18, 2006

what's my problem?

I would like to respond to this article. I would like to stand up for former president Carter. I think anyone who supports Palestine in America is automatically branded as anti-semitic, when one can disagree with the government of Israel but not be anti-semitic. In fact, many Jewish people don't support Israel. Personally, I think religion should be kept separate from the state. And the fact remains that most people hate Palestine simply because none of the information about the truth of the Palestinian cause actually appears in American news media.

As for me personally, I am enjoying home, and actually appreciating Houston's rain and humidity after months of desert. I got a new pair of shoes, majorly on sale, yay! I've been experimenting with some reed stuff, got to see Linda today, which was good. I'll be working on reed stuff with her more later in the week.

Spent a long time catching up with Jennie at a pub near my house. Very interesting, I should write more on it later. And the weird old guys who tried to pick us up. And how all my friends are getting boyfriends but me. What's my problem, and how many times will I ask that?

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Hi roomie, welcome to blog-land! :)