Wednesday, January 16, 2008

el violín

I think I'm going to register in CA so I can vote in the primary. Need to do it ASAP. Plus this way I can actually physically vote! Absentee ballots are boring and kind of anticlimactical.

I forgot to mention that I saw an amazing film with Shirley and Mary: a Mexican movie called The Violin. It was very moving, with beautiful music and fantastic cinematography. The people in it were beautiful, too. They looked like they came right out of ancient Mayan times. The story reminded me of an Isabel Allende novel, and also of a certain John Sayles movie, Men With Guns. Anyway, I highly recommend El Violín (as well as Men With Guns and Isabel Allende!).

One more thing, speaking of movies and music. How come movie credits include every last person involved, down to the caterers and sometimes even including extras, when musicians who play on the soundtrack are never listed? Seems unfair. And I'm always curious. The newspaper for the AFM Local 47 here in LA usually has a spread on the the soundtrack for some big movie, and it has pictures of the scoring session and lists all the musicians, which I enjoy. But I wish the movies just listed them. Or IMDb.


Patty said...

I've even seen movies where I see a contractor's name I recognize ... and no musicians! Ridiculous.

(In all fairness, I've seen a few where they at least list a major soloist sort, even if the person isn't a big name.)

Anonymous said...
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