Thursday, January 4, 2007

grinding to a start

Today I have something to celebrate, and something to mourn. I am PISSED OFF that I failed the early history exam AGAIN, and wonder if there is a way around it. I am somewhat resigned to theory now. I could probably use the review, as much as I hate it. But I was so close with history, and I refuse to admit that I ruined my spring break by trying to prepare IN VAIN.

Oh well, at least my leg isn't broken! (Sorry, Kim!)

I have a million things to do before school starts, not least of which, FIND A REED, for both oboe and English horn. I am unfortunately in Wind Ensemble again, but I'm playing second to Lot (yay!), and Adam is playing English horn. And summer music festivals, gah!

Well, now that I think about reeds, perhaps I should get to work . . .

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